Malcolm Rodriguez


I went to Dr Weed in part because of good reviews, and the other part because I want a truly experienced person doing an "invasive" procedure such as a root canal. I did not get referred. I had a hole in my tooth that I delayed and delayed getting fixed. Naturally, I wanted to go to someone who would do it right. It is my understanding that an endodontist goes to graduate school specifically for advanced practice/learning about procedures like root canal. Plus I hear horror stories of having to get multiple root canals on the same tooth, or at least multiple procedures to fix the root canal when not done right. So Dr weed seemed like the perfect choice. Dr. Weed and his staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. Weed is truly a very bright individual, an intellectual, and a great guy. He explains everything VERY thoroughly, before the procedure and during. He gives options, and holds no information back. After the procedure you get this awesome summary emailed of what the procedure was, along with your before and after x rays. They also "claimed" that tooth, stating that if there are any problems with the tooth they will take care of it and fix it no charge (obviously there has to be some limitation at some point, but they really want to take full responsibility for the tooth/procedures. Couldn't have been happier. My tooth feels fantastic, and that's worth my hard earned money for sure. A+

Ryan E.


I saved thousands of dollars seeing Dr. Weed.  This doc is hands down the best in town.  
I had a horrible toothache, thought it was an abscessed tooth for sure.  I went to my dentist and he did some x-rays.  He said I had an infection and sent me to Dr. Weed.  I called Dr. Weeds office and his excellent staff set me up with an appointment the following morning.  
The next day I had no pain when I woke up.  I went to the appointment anyway and Dr. Weed did another set of x-rays.  He confirmed what the dentist said, I had an infection, but he said it was probably just irritated by my sinus infection.  He showed me the x-rays and said that yes, he could open up the tooth and do a root canal, but that since I wasn't feeling pain right then, it wasn't necessary.  
What doctor would say that????  Most would have operated right then, it was an easy thousand dollars.  Not Dr. Weed.  He was totally honest and upfront.  
They scheduled me to come back the following week to check-in.  They gave me a card with the cell number of Dr. Weed and his assistant (WHO DOES THAT??? so awesome).  They said to call anytime I felt the pain come back and if I needed assistance. 
I went back today, after a week and he checked the tooth again.  No pain.  He said I was good to go.  He encouraged me to call if I experience any more pain in the future.
This guy is awesome.
Totally honest and realistic.  You can't ask for more than that.
Go see him, you will not regret it.

Julie R.


I am one of those people that absolutely hates needles AND requires extra shots because it is so hard to numb me. I've also had some bad experiences with dentists so I am rather skittish in a dental chair. I have to tell you that it was a pleasure having a root canal by Dr. Weed. It only took one needle on each side of the tooth to numb me and it was administered in the most pain-free manner that I've ever encountered with a needle under any circumstanceall without gas! He and his staff are wonderful, personable, professional and I heartily and warmly recommend him to anyone who needs dental services.

B. Thompson


Dr. Weed is extremely personable. He was not rushed while evaluating what proved to be a complex and difficult case. He explained his decision making processes well and used visuals including x-ray pictures, scans and drawings to discuss treatment planning. I was encouraged to discuss the options that he presented to me. Dr. Weed completed a very complex procedure with extreme competence and caring. I really can't say enough.



Dr Scott Weed and his staff are the epitome of what we all look for in health care.  From the moment I walked into the office I was treated with the utmost in courtesy, kindness and professionalism you could ask for.  The atmosphere and staff coordination had an upbeat vibe that was immediately apparent and put my mind in the right place for the procedure.  I had a very difficult root canal complete with multiple canals and tough working conditions(wisdom tooth).  The entire process was thoroughly explained to me and accomplished as It was briefed.  I could not be more pleased with the overall experience and results and I believe I received great value for the money spent.  I will recommend Weed Endodontics to all who need specialized dental care and only want the best care available. I could not be happier with this health care professional.

Dudley L.


I was referred to Dr. Weed for an emergency root canal.  He is by far the best doctor I have ever encountered in any field.  He took great care to explain my options and spent a lot of time with me to make sure I was making an informed decision.  His office was state-of-the-art and his staff was top notch and friendly.  During the procedure, I had no pain or discomfort if you can believe it.  On a follow up visit, he made sure the tooth was ready to be permanently sealed. As it turns out, he decided to do more work to ensure the problem was completely fixed. He did not charge me for this extra service. I have had dentists in the past that seem to perform procedures to make extra money. I never got this feeling from him and only felt he was genuinely concerned with my well being and doing high quality work.  If you are reading this review, don't think twice. Go to Dr Weed and see for yourself.

Tim M.


I just chewed painlessly on the right side of my mouth ... and it reminded me that I should drop on here and show my appreciation to Dr. Weed.  He did a root canal on me, and I can honestly say he is a truly first rate endodontist.  He's incredibly thorough and professional, while also maintaining a relaxed and friendly bedside demeanor.  Highly recommended!

Phil M.


I've had two root canals done and my second was done by Dr. Weed, which was a much better experience than my first.  I had a tremendous toothache before getting my root canal, but as soon as I was numb, I didn't feel anything.  He's very friendly and talks you through the whole process and is also very informative.  He takes the time to answer all of your questions or concerns and makes sure you're comfortable throughout the whole process.  I'll definitely return if I ever need another root canal.

Sal M.


I'm writing this review on behalf of my mother, who was referred to Dr. Weed by another dentist. Although they planned to do a root canal and a crown on the tooth at a large expense to my mother , who is retired and has no dental insurance, Dr. Weed took the time to examine and explain to my mother the challenges with her root canal and ultimately advised her to simply have the tooth pulled rather than going through the procedure. We were so impressed with his honesty and true concern for his patients. He did not do what was going to make him money but instead did what was best for his patient. Such a great attitude! I wish he did general dentistry!

Sarah N.


I can't count how many dentist's have screwed me over in the last 22 years. NOT DR. WEED. He's the FIRST that has sat me down and gave me a full evaluation to find the root problem. Never have I felt that I wasn't being ripped off or having a little something left unfixed so I'd come back to their office in a couple years to have the same procedure done again, and again. Until now. Dr. Weed cares! I never thought, I'd see a dentist who cares the way he does. He gets the job done, and a really great job at that. His staff is VERY professional and they go out of their way every time to make me feel comfortable. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Weed if you have dental issues. He saved my teeth. Literally. Without him, I'd be going to have a bone graph and probably more extractions. After going to see him, I've never felt better. He's fixed my infections and I don't have to worry anymore. Not all dentist are evil! He also works with you and your budget. First dentist to do that for me as well. He's a dentist GOD!!!!

Jennifer S.


If you are looking for a Dentist that treats you with courtesty and takes the time to explain your best options with professional ethics look no further. I have total confidence in Dr. Weed!! My experience was an emergency root canel with a referral to their office. He makes you feel relaxed and very experienced in his work. Dr.Weed is the first place I would go if I ever needed to get this done again.The office staff is so friendly and helpful from start to finish.

Sandra G.


On July 6, 2015 I had a root canal procedure at Weed Endodontics.   Scott Weed performed this procedure with such skill, kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness I just had to write a review as my way of saying "Thank you".  
From the injection of Novocain, of which the care and skill was done with no pain or stinging, through the 90 minute root canal, Dr. Weed informed me of the steps he was taking to find the 5 nerves in that tooth, constantly checking with me about my comfort, well being and if there was any discomfort.   Meanwhile I did not have to guess at what he was doing nor did I have to guess at how much longer it would be because I was informed by him.  I cannot tell you how much easier that makes this procedure go.
If you have the misfortune of needing a root canal, go no where else.  This is the place.  The staff, the dentist, from beginning to end, this is the Endodontics you want.
And, I might add, read Sandra G's report of 11/10/2014 as I could not agree more.   

PS:  As a Cal Bears supporter (graduate), and former infantry US Army guy,  he takes the ribbing in good humor as a USC Trojan, and US Navy/Marine veteran, guy.  He is a really good sport.

John I.


Jose R.
Thank You Dr. Weed. I am a Marine Corps. vet. I recently had a root canal.  It was the best dental experience I have had.  The office staff is very friendly and professional, and during the procedure, the doctor not only explained exactly what he was doing, but also made me feel very comfortable and at ease with pleasant conversation.
So, "calling all veterans, report to Dr. Weed, ASAP......URAAH!"
Semper Fi

Jose R.


I went to Dr. Weed's practice when another area dentist was unable to do a root canal.  Dr. Weed first got all the details of what happened and why I ended up there before doing any work.  He then explained what he would do and the cost and methods used.
I have been very satisfied with the work done and would not go to a General dentist again for a root canal.   
This practice also stands behind their work and will do re-work a tooth if needed to get it right.  

I would recommend this Endodontist over a General Dentist any day of the week for a root canal.

Michael D.


Just had a root canal done by Dr. Weed.  He is SUCH a great dentist. Very freindly and does an awesome job.  I didn't feel a thing once numbed up. He really cares about the job he is doing and does it to a T.  I really like that he uses a microscope for the procedures.   You know you are getting a good job done too because he takes before and after pictures just to make sure it is done right the first time. 
He is very experienced and explains everything.  Sara in his office was wonderful with the insurance and billing as well. 

I won't hesitate to go back there if other work needs to be done, and I would recemmend him to anyone who needs something major done with their teeth. 


Devona H.


I will never go any where else! Dr Weed provided the most pain-free relaxing dental experience of my life! Thank you so much!!!


My wife had her wisdom teeth out by Dr. Weed. She is very nervous when it comes to doctors and dentists because she has had such bad experiences. Dr. Weed made her feel very comfortable. He was so professional, and the procedure went wonderfully.

Highly recommend!



 My wife and I have both had work done by Dr. Weed. He is off-the-charts wonderful. Clinically, he is unsurpassed in terms of competence. And his character is impeccable. We can recommend him highly without reservation and without qualification!

D. Gordon


 Everything was explained in minute detail. All of my questions were answered. Three choices were given as well as explained. The new office is great- cheery and colorful. I especially liked the large windows in the operatory. Everyone that I came on contact with was extremely helpful as well as understanding and caring. Your office is run quite efficiently and I do not have any recommendations for any changes or alterations. Thank you for taking such great care of me and my tooth! Happy Holidays!



 I am a dental hygienist, I have worked with him and can say that Dr. Weed is the best with his chair side compassion and skills. His patients love him, that says a lot.



It was a great experience considering it was my first root canal! I highly recommend Dr. Scott Weed and his employees!



 Friendly and comforting, strongly recommend to other patients.



 Fantastic. I liked the way the staff worked together and helped each other.



 I'm a dentist. I'm his father. I'm his patient. I'm impressed! Any questions?



Awesome work.  Didn't feel a thing except for first needle.  Dr. Weed has a great amount of experience.  I am totally happy!

Dylan F.


This guy is amazing... He's a doctor that I can not recommend higher. This guy will always do the job right; and blew me away with the level of skill he approached my pregnant wife. I will be going back for any dental issues my family  has in the future.

Joshua W.


Hey there DR. WEED! The 2 molars you fixed for me are now my two best teeth. WOW ! You and your staff are top notch. I feel blessed to have been referred to your care. Thank You so much for working on my teeth. PS-Great family picture, you truly are blessed as a Father. Thanks again, JS

James S.