Our Practice

Weed Endodontics

What Sets Us Apart?

Weed Endodontics provides all aspects of endodontic therapy based on the following three principles:

1) Endodontology: the science. The knowledge base of endodontlogy includes scientific research, tradition, and clinical guidelines put forth by academic institutions, professional associations, and experts in the field.  Applying this knowledge base can be challenging and must recognize and manage uncertainty.  Each patient is unique and each case is unique. Making decisions based on the best evidence requires that we not only are familiar with that evidence, but also that we understand the limitations and appropriate applications thereof. This is a key focus of our practice. 

2) Clinical Experience. Dr. Weed has practiced dentistry in the military and in private practice as a general dentist. He has also practiced in a university setting and private practice as a specialist.  As a specialist, he sees a concentration of the most difficult cases and  has experience managing them with great success.  

3) Patient Values. The late psychologist, Carl Rogers, heavily influenced the "humanistic" model of the doctor-patient relationships. He found that he was most successful in clinical practice when he was authentic with his patients and treated them with dignity. As a patient at Weed Endodontics, your feelings and values matter. What might be appropriate treatment for one person may not be for another. Also, it is critical that patients are educated by their doctors in all aspects of their diagnosis and treatment alternatives. You can rest assured that we will take the personal time with you to discuss your case and help you choose the best direction of treatment for you.  

Dr. Weed is a native of northern Nevada.  He grew up in Fallon and graduated from Churchill County High School.  Weed Endodontics is a small practice focusing on one patient at a time.  We  proudly deliver world-class care to Reno, Sparks and the surrounding communities.